Meet The Owner



Sami Al Sousi, a Clinical Pharmacy Graduate, a Freelance Designer and EYNU30 Store owner who aims to become sales guru one day! My mission is to build an audience and get more paying clients online, and my vision by the end of 2019, is to own a company that offers more than what people can ask for.

Before starting a shopping business, I spent 2 years as a
Patient Care Agent and a Medcial Sales Rep. for Pharmaceutical Companies in Egypt. I pay attention to details alot, so I knows exactly what to offer, because "it represents me".

I enjoy sports, art and life on general, and probably by now you're asking "why online marketing at such young age?"... Well, the answer is simple, I HATE 9-5 jobs! Sometimes, more work means less appreciation, and less appreciation means NO RESPECT. On May 3rd, 2018 I couldn't take it anymore and decided to quit my job and take that leap everyone's been talking about, and here i am today! Offering High quality products + Free worldwide Shipping for everyone. I want to make people happy, even if we don't get to meet each other, i'm proud where i am today, and would love to share what i love with you which is, SHOPPING FROM HOME USING MY DEVICES, SOCKS ON AND RECEIVING MY ITEMS AT MY DOORSTEP!


I am always available to hear you feedback and chat a little! 
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